Geca at Festival della Letteratura di Milano (Milan Literature festival)

Geca confirms themselves among the promoters of Festival della Letteratura di Milano

Geca at Expo Milano 2015

Geca is official supplier of Expo Milano 2015

Renewal of ISO 9001 certification

The Suiss SQS body has renewed their very positive judgement on our quality control system.

Looking forward to Geca 2015 upcoming calendar

"A Different City" is the title of the new Geca's photographic calendar devoted to Milan.


The sales of the book "37,423 Km in Africa" and the other activities carried out by Niphelping Inlus have reached the first goal...

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2010 | TOGETHER. Play, grow up, fight...

What makes society possible? This is what the thought of sociologists and anthropologists has been developing on for almost two centuries now. Despite some common thoughts, individualism and intolerance towards the bonds imposed by social ties do not prevent us from sharing with other people great part of our lives. Together with other people we work, spend our spare time, face small and big fights, get moved, pursue aims.

GECA calendar 2010 would like to handle with all this. We are doing it through twelve pictures which affect very different aspects of “sharing life”: from a father’s love for his daughter (and vice versa) to the cheerful hug of a group of American citizens celebrating Obama´s victory, from the curious looks of some girls at a school in Kabul to the battle for the rights of the cyclists. To sum up, twelve photos telling about different ways in which, together with and through the others, each of us builds him or herself and their own world. In the paper version, every picture is flanked by a short story. Such a narration could not be told without involving photographers coming from every part of the world: we invite you to discover their art by clicking under every photo.

Click on the preview to scroll the photo gallery.

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